Sharp Care Home Touch Screen Table
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FREE TRIAL OFFER Delivered Safely to your home

A fully app loaded table delivered safely cleaned and sanitised for a FREE self demonstration trial. No need for any of our staff to enter your premises. Just switch it on and have fun instantly and we offer remote assistance if required for a 90 minute trial, enabling you all to enjoy the experience.


We have made a short video for you, so please have a look. If you would like an onsite trial or a more detailed video please contact us on 07949 391700

REMEMBER : You can have a table delivered safely to your home for a FREE short trial so you and your residents can have a hands on experience.

Fun Digital Activity Table for Care Homes

Mobile fun and engaging activities for EVERYONE in any room

The 40 inch table has an electric adjustable height and angle, making it a very versatile multi-functional device on wheels. It is fully integrated, portable and as simple to use as an iPad or smart phone. Designed with older people in mind it is a great way to engage your residents in a range of different activities such as games, sensory, brain training, learning and elderly care technology. Alongside all the fun activities there are plenty of clinical apps developed around dementia including memory, light and sound sensory experiences.

This is a fun packed table designed to cater for all the residents activity and sensory needs. It is also the ideal digital partner for the activities team to assist them in organising endless fun things for the residents to do. 

With a rise in awareness of the loneliness and isolation residents can feel during their time in care homes, homes are tackling this issue by finding new ways to keep residents engaged. The table offers an effective solution to this problem, with an intuitive touchscreen device that can be used by multiple users at once. It comes with toughened and durable safety glass which can be wiped-clean. With a robust steel structure and sleek oak wooden finish, the table is designed to withstand intense daily use. The table features adjustable legs, enabling it to be raised or lowered, depending on the needs of the users. Built with wheels, so it can be easily maneuvered from room to room, the table also has locking brakes for added safety and security.

The Digital Rainbow

Feel engaged and mentally active

  Keeping mentally active is essential in old age and this touch table delivers a fantastic wealth of activities and fun to be enjoyed in all environment's, private or at a care home.

The possibilities are endless with Apps available for a huge range of topics from jigsaws to number games, thus providing stimulation for the brain and helping to maintain focus. Perhaps most importantly, for those less ambulant, all of this is accessible from the comfort of an armchair.

Sharp Care Home Touch Table

Embrace the technology with friends & family

As most family's now appear to use phones and pads to play games and share family information, this table is an ideal companion for an elderly relative. The screen allows multiple touch by either finger, hand, wrist, knuckles and elbows. Our 40 inch Interactive table is the only solution in the world with a built in battery pack so it can be easily moved to different rooms and has several adjustable features to tilt the screen 68 degrees to used vertically and raised in height for comfort. Built to a high quality and covered by a 3 year warranty as standard.

The Digital Rainbow

Passion & Experience Supporting the Care Community

The Digital Rainbow Limited has been providing this solution across the care community throughout the UK to homes providing care including :

Residential and Dementia

Assisted Living and Disability

Neurological and Brain Injury

Nursing and Personal

Person-Centred Care and Well Being

The Digital Rainbow

Fun Activities and Well Being with the Table

   Developing skills and friendships through technology is the modern environment we live in. This makes it easier for care homes to offer residents Person-Centred Care, offering them more control, more independence and helping them feel less isolated. 

Benefits of technology in care Technology can help residents to:

 • Gain more control over their well-being 

• Be more independent or feel less isolated 

• Find services which are important to them 

• Communicate with families, professionals and staff


Utilising technology can: 

• Help to prioritise and focus their attention on people who need it most 

• Capture and compare data, and share good practice with peers

• Offer insight into a resident’s well-being through apps and activities 

• Enhance the care or treatment providers offer

Technology is revolutionising the ways in which care homes are operated and how services are offered to residents. Our table is the ideal product for a modern and forward-thinking care home - allowing service providers to introduce technology to their carers and residents while also providing them with entertainment, group activities and elderly care programmes, and ensuring there is a focus on person centred care.

The Digital Rainbow

Activities and Fun for Everyone

  A large library of android apps are available for elderly care such as :

Brain Training & Memory Apps

100's Games and Puzzles

Virtual Reality - Flying or Driving a Train

Ten Pin Bowling or Air Hockey

Sensory & Dementia Apps

Colouring Drawing & Painting

Playing cards & Casino

Playing Piano or any musical instrument

Quizzes & Trivia

Bingo, Music and Sing Along

Watching films & Music YOU TUBE

Amazon Prime & NetFlix

Skype - Video call family & friends

Group Activities

There is something for EVERYONE and It goes on and on ...........

To help you on your way when we deliver your table we make sure its all working correctly, and we provide you with a start up guide for all the most popular apps being used by our customers and a google gift card to cover any initial small purchases from Google Play as a little thank you from us.

Then just start having fun using the table and downloading whatever takes your residents fancy !

The Digital Rainbow
You either buy outright or lease to help cashflow

Good ICT Investment

EXAMPLE :  For a 30 resident care home, the table investment works out as little as 22p per day per resident including the VAT.

This illustration is calculated based upon an outright cash purchase reducing the asset over 3 years on the balance sheet.

A Family Management Team

The Digital Rainbow

Betty Milburn MBE

Betty Milburn MBE

Betty Milburn MBE

The Digital Rainbow Limited is a family business with a long history of business experience, driven by a genuine passion and commitment for the highest quality products and service. 

We visit Care Homes almost every day and dedicate our time to all our customers, enabling a friendly personal experience. 

The Digital Rainbow

Clare Milburn

Betty Milburn MBE

Betty Milburn MBE

Having gained successful experience with our Nursery Touch Table, we have launched into the Care Home market to deliver fun activities for all your residents. As the founder of The Digital Rainbow Limited I am committed in bringing fun, games, education and activities to all my customers with a big smile and professional service.

07949 391700

The Digital Rainbow

Jonny Milburn

The Digital Rainbow Limited

The Digital Rainbow Limited

I have been working in the IT industry since the 1980s and seeing the incredible advances in technology, this table has been designed to deliver a fantastic solution for all Care Homes looking to embrace IT and have fun. Our aim is make this fantastic technology available to all ages and deliver engaging fun in the process. 

07961 581265

The Digital Rainbow

The Digital Rainbow Limited

The Digital Rainbow Limited

The Digital Rainbow Limited

The Golden Rainbow website is part of the The Digital Rainbow Limited. We provide digital touch screen tables to both the Care Home and Early Years Learning markets throughout the UK.

The Golden Rainbow website is part of the The Digital Rainbow Limited 


The Digital Rainbow is fully committed to adhering to the COVID -19 safety rules and restrictions. So to assist both our business continuing to provide this fantastic table to the care community and protecting you and your residents we have created a solution which hopefully meets with your approval. We can deliver a fully app loaded table safely cleaned and sanitised for a self demonstration trial. Just switch it on and have fun instantly and we offer remote assistance if required for a 90 minute trial, enabling you all to enjoy the experience. Please contact us 07949 391700

07949 391700 07961 581265

The Digital Rainbow Limited

Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom

07949 391700 The Golden Rainbow is a web address and email contact for the Care Home Solution from The Digital Rainbow Limited

Sharp Nursery Table

The Digital Rainbow Early Years Touch Table

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The 40" HD touch screen used in the table is a display manufactured by Sharp (SBS UK). The table is not a Sharp product nor are Sharp the producer of the completed unit. Tables are hand built in the UK and made to order using the highest quality materials to ensure a durable long lasting product.  

SBS UK is the exclusive distributor of the completed product. All warranties are covered by the nationwide support team through SBS UK and the manufacturer. The Digital Rainbow Limited is fully authorised by SBS UK and the manufacturer to supply the table throughout the UK.